M31 Selects Variance FX

Leading silicon IP provider adopts CLKDA’s solution for timing variance modeling

Littleton, MA, February 9, 2015 - CLK Design Automation today announced that M31 Technology Corporation has adopted Variance FX for the generation of AOCV timing derates, and Liberty Variance Format (LVF) Tables. Modeling variance is an essential part of timing sign-off at 28nm, 16nm, 14nm and below. Variance has a direct impact on yield, performance, power and time to market.

“As a leading silicon IP provider, we need to be able to deliver a complete timing model solution to our customers and partners,” said H.P. Lin, Chairman & CEO at M31. “CLKDA’s Variance FX delivered the functionality, performance, and accuracy required for these complex timing models such as AOCV and LVF.”

“We’ve been working closely with M31 to deliver advanced timing and process variance models to their end-users,” said Isadore Katz, President and CEO of CLK Design Automation. “High accuracy derate tables and constraints are now an essential part of a complete IP solution.”

Modeling Process Variance is Essential for Timing Sign-Off

Modeling process variance is essential for timing sign-off at 28nm. It is the key to chip yield, performance, power and time to market. Modeling timing variance requires using advanced sign-off methodologies and characterization flows, such as AOCV and now, Liberty Variance Format or LVF.

Variance FX: AOCV, POCV, SOCV and Liberty Variance Format

Variance FX™ is the leading commercial solution for generating timing derates for use with static timing analysis and physical IC design. Variance FX has made derate table characterization practical and effective. Variance FX™ can generate a SPICE accurate table for 1000 cells in a few hours per corner, where other solutions require weeks to generate tables for a few simple cells. 

Variance FX supports all the major derate formats and works with all of the leading STA and PD tools (AOCV, POCV, SOCV, Liberty Variance Format - LVF). It has the ability to handle process, voltage and temperature derate contributors, as well as constraint uncertainty. The Variance FX Database allows customization of the derate tables based on design specific requirements, and design margin methodology practices.

About CLK Design Automation

CLKDA is the market and technology leader in Variance Analysis. Our customers include the top global semiconductor companies. Our FX Applications solve mission critical problems for chip frequency, yield, and time to market. FX is the first transistor model and simulator specifically engineered for digital variance and delay analysis. FX is in production at the most advanced IC geometries at 20nm, 16nm and 14nm, with all of the leading foundries. Variance FX is the leading solution for generating derates in the market today. CLKDA was founded in 2005. Its management team has over 200 years of experience in EDA between them. Our headquarters is in Littleton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. CLKDA has offices in California, Texas and Taiwan.