CLKDA Makes Top 5 for DeepChip's Most Interesting Things You Saw at DAC 2013

Subject: CLK-DA AOCV FX, Excellicon, Nangate, Dorado were #5 at DAC'13

TWEAKERS: Any chip designer with at least 6 months of on-the-job experience will tell you that although synthesis, P&R, STA, noise, DRC, etc. gets you 90% or 95% or even 99% of the way to final sign-off -- there's always *some* something(s) you gotta tweak to get to that best possible chip.

At this year's DAC, engineers voted CLK-DA for AOCV/POCV, Nangate for std libs, Dorado for ECO's, and a whole bunch of them vouched for Excellicon for constraints -- while FishTail got one honorable mention, as tweaker tools.


"What were the 3 or 4 most INTERESTING specific tools you saw at DAC this year? WHY did they interest you?"