CLKDA awarded TSMC’S OIP Customers' Choice Award

CLK DA’s presentation of Applications for Stage-based OCV was given the award based on customer feedback at the 2011 TSMC Open Innovation Ecosystem Forum.

LITTLETON, Mass., Nov. 15, 2011 — CLK Design Automation today announced that it received a 2011 Customers’ Choice Award at TSMC’s Open Innovation Ecosystem Forum. The award was given for the presentation of a paper entitled, Applications of Stage-based OCV. The paper described methods of improving stage-based on chip variation derates. The presentation covered ways to combine the additional variation data collected during derate table generation with static timing analysis to enhance existing timing and optimization flows. The presentation is available upon request from CLK Design Automation.

“I am honored to have been able to present at the TSMC OIP Forum and to have been recognized by TSMC’s customers for the work that the team has done.” said Ahran Dunsmoor, Director of Product Management for CLK DA. “We’re excited to be able to work with our customers to develop enhancements to stage-based OCV that they can use in production today.”


AOCV FX provides an unprecedented amount of data in a very short amount of time – something that would have taken months of analysis with SPICE – and is opening up entirely new areas for exploration.

AOCV FX is the fastest, most complete, stage-based OCV table generator available today. AOCV FX was designed in partnership with TSMC to generate stage-based derates for static timing and optimization at 40nm and below. Built on a multi-threaded, distributed analysis engine, AOCV FX can create complete derate tables for an entire library in a few hours with very little set up.

Design Specific Stage-based OCV

Stage-based on chip variation is a substantial improvement in modeling process variation compared with traditional OCV. However, standard methods for generating SBOCV tables are unnecessarily pessimistic because they rely on the worst case load and slew they do not reflect the way cells are actually used in a design.

AOCV FX, on the other hand, records a complete set of derate values for cells based on a full range of allowed load and slew combinations. This database is used to generate SBOCV tables based on a variety of design specific selection criteria. Design specific derates can substantially improve overall TNS and WNS and accelerate timing closure. In addition, the underlying data can be used to explore cell variation and inform design decisions early in the optimization flow.

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CLK Design Automation is the leader in variation and timing margin analysis – helping leading edge semiconductor companies solve their most pressing timing and manufacturing challenges at 40nm and below.  CLK DA’s products include AOCV FX for full library and design specific stage-based OCV tables and Path FX for fast delay and variance analysis for critical paths and block timing characterization. Visit CLK DA online at

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