Path FX and Statistical Slack

With static timing, it all comes down to one thing – will each path pass or fail in production silicon? When paths fail, the chip either functions incorrectly (a hold violation) or clock speed must be reduced and/or power increased (set-up violation). These both have a direct impact on yield – the part fails to meet the product specification.


The ultimate static timing goal is MC SPICE accurate timing slack or statistical slack. Timing slack is the basic pass/fail test for STA, and it is the best way to measure margin.  The more slack that is recovered; the more margin that is recovered, and can be applied to power, timing closure, yield, area, etc


Path FX is the only commercially available, production proven, path based static timing solution that delivers MC SPICE accurate statistical timing and slack. Using transistor level timing, based upon the FX model, Path FX puts it all together to match MC SPICE: statistical arrival times, slews, and constraints, all correctly correlated, and combining to measure statistical slack. 

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